EIRENE-NGM Registration

The EIRENE code use and development (with the related databases, visualisation, post-processing and other tools) is protected by the license (EPL - see the link left) which is open-source on condition of remaining open-source for any member of the mainly public-funded research or education institution. The basic developer (BD) layer of the licence implies also the non-commercial and non-military use with conditional acknowledgement for the code origin in the publications. The second layer of the licence allows to join any of the Associated Developer (AD) groups including the one based in FZ Jülich. This will provide additional benefits like direct access to the repository, getting a voice in the decisions etc. Any AD is a BD and can always fall back to this layer of the license. The AD clubs have some limited options for contracts with commercial companies - they can provide packs of simulations, code executable and the manual. However, for getting any access to the code (at any layer) one needs to complete the following registration form. Important note: by any wrong entry or and other ill-doing with the registration form or the obtained credentials to be used by the BD alone, the user loses all and any benefits of the license.

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I promise to use the EIRENE (with related data and tools) exclusively for public funded fundamental research or educational purposes so as it is regulated by the EPL except to the limited exceptions provided by the license. I assure that my employer (given above) is also in acceptance of that. In case of working for several organisations I will repeat the procedure for each of those including self-employment.

Important Note: In case of false entries in the registration form you will not be granted a licence.

I allow publishing my name and affiliation in the lists of general and associated developers (yes or no with comment on this).
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The list of BDs will be available only for other BDs (closed by password).

The EPL implies that the FZJ origin of the code is to be recognised, for instance the following statement in the acknowledgement of the publications involving the use of EIRENE (or related data and tools) and reference are mandatory:

“The results are obtained with the help of the EIRENE package (see www.eirene.de) including the related code, data and tools [Reiter05].”